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Dec 30, 2012 2:00pm EST
question this. that negotiations between harry reid and mitch mcconnell suffered a major setback after republicans demanded the inclusion of a new method for calculating benefits for the package. change came from progressives to result in lower payments. part of the current negotiations on the scale down deal, they say that they gave ground on other issues, including raising the tax threshold, as well as -- that was from two hours ago. sheila jackson mentioned the change that she objects to, she and other outside democrats and house progressives in particular. don is on the democrat's line. go ahead with your comments. caller: i am an old disabled veteran. i love this country so much. i cannot understand for the life of me what our government is trying to do with the bickering and tearing each other down, tearing the country down. why in the world can these supposedly intelligent groups of men and women not get together to work out for the best interest of all concerned, all 330 billion americans, what is the best course to take? just take it. none of this squabbling. get together, fol
Dec 30, 2012 6:30pm EST
in at the and down the made the deal happen. -- at the end and made it happen. it was an interesting move by mitch mcconnell to call joe biden today and try to jump- start these negotiations when they locked up with the majority leader on the democratic side. i think that will be something to watch here in the coming hours. how will it play? there are many concern that maybe you will cut a bad deal. will joe biden come in to embolden the republicans or will the democrats altogether across pennsylvania avenue? a big story line we are all watching now very closely. >> we hear senator reed wants to bring them back at 11. is it likely they will have some kind of deal or counteroffer in hand when the gavel back in? guest: i wish i could tell you. if i could, i would be a millionaire. i would have all kinds of future telling here that none of us can discern. the hope is that there could be some kind of deal, but remember democrats feel they're in a strong position here. but they cannot get a deal for them to sign on to, they want to put a skilled plan on the floor of the senate and there them to block i
Dec 30, 2012 10:30am EST
stop him from being reelected. host: what are the pitfalls for harry reid and mitch mcconnell? guest: mcconnell is up for reelection in 2014. if he agrees with the white house on something, particularly tax increases, it will hurt him in his election. remember rand paul -- mcconnell has less room to maneuver. for harry reid, a lot of his reputation is on the line. can he put something on the floor of the senate that some democrats will support? guest: the biggest loser is the unemployed and those trying to get jobs. that is what this is about. really, people need to step back and realize, while we are concerned about deficits, it is because it is a concern about the economy. there are different prescriptions for the economy at different times. allowing this recovery to slow down, even as it has already been anemic, would be a drastic abdication of responsibility by everybody in washington. that is not to say that everybody is equal to blame and this is something that washington does and be covered along -- that really is not always the case. in this specific case, you have our recove
Dec 31, 2012 2:00am EST
with the latest. then you tell us the this that -- about the discussion between harry reid and mitch mcconnell? >> right now there does not seem to be too much happening. we kind of had a topsy-turvy day. lots of sound and fury but not a lot of action. we had democrat to started the day, saying it will be republicans demand to change the way benefits are paid out that that was a non started to democrats. republicans said we put it out last night and an offer, we have not gotten a counteroffer from democrats and we are waiting to see where they are. both sides huddled this afternoon with their respective caucuses. republicans came out and said we are fine, we are taking the demand of the table, and democrats said they should have but that are still trying to balance the entire budget on the backs of the middle-class, and we are not there yet. what i hear from folks who are working -- the negotiations is the across the board defense and entitlement cuts does go into effect january 1 is a big sticking point in the negotiations. there is the tax piece with those trying to avoid taxes going up auto
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4